3-134 [Traffic accident trap]: One of the dangerous traps in those days

There were many other operations to cause a traffic accident when I was in Hokkaido, which was more critical than before as I seldom drove a car in the Nansei islands, but I spent more time on the wheel there, many hours on every day.


The most dangerous at that time was a plot to trigger a crash.


I waited for a traffic light on the cross where the road was left curved but its outlook was hidden by the snow accumulated on the road side. When the signal changed the car in front jump started to turn to the left at the cross.


That car actually ran weirdly beforehand to change the speed or the way of running to frame me for something. It was gone from my front after the signal was changed and I was at the top of traffic flow, but one car suddenly jumped into the lane from a middle of the accumulated snow wall.


I managed to avoid a collision as I drove a car extremely slowly. Precisely saying, I saw a driver behind talking to someone with a mobile phone, who totally looked like a private investigator with an ill-minded face. I instinctively thought he plotted an operation through the phone.


When the signal was changed, I followed a speed of the car in front as a jump start, though in a second, I made up my mind to confirm his real identity driving behind me, by irritating him to run extremely slowly. If he was a private investigator to plot something, he needed to follow me irrelevant to the speed.


As a result, I was able to avoid a crash, and even my car kept a pace without any skid.


The car behind ran away after failing this setup, but I got so angry that I followed his car and he eventually stopped at the convenience store, a mile away. He managed to make a face to bluff me, as it usually reduced a probability to be attacked, which was a nature of the PI.


He went into the store and I pondered what to do in front of the store when I found out the car jumping out of the snow wall. He was so scared of me and could not get out of the car.


It meant that this store was set as their meeting point when the mission was over so that they should have gathered up at this place as planned, which also indicated that the driver behind gave a timing of the jump out to set up an accident at the spot. The outcome was just failed unexpectedly as I did not follow a speed of the car in front, but running extremely slowly.


The driver in front looked like a police officer, but I could not confirm it, though it was quite probable that the police was involved in this operation from the scratch. The car in front originally ran weirdly to set up stopping at the signal that she was at the front and I was seconded.


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