3-135 [Traffic accident trap 2]: Truck jumped into the road whose driver waited for a timing when I came to the point

There were many other plots to cause an accident, though there was another well-designed operation at the farmland.


When I drove through a field, one car cut in front of me, which ran at the same speed as mine at first but gradually increased the speed. Eventually, his speed got too high not to avoid an accident if something had jumped in.


It was actually a huge truck to carry a crop that jumped into the road from the crop field. The truck waited until the car in front went over and cut into the line before I reached to the setup point. There was no legal issue that it might have been my responsibility if I had run into the truck from the side.


In the original plan, my choice would have been to speed up a car before it came into the road or to hit the brake down to minimize an impact. If I had decided to speed up, I should have run the opposite lane to avoid a collision with the car in front.


There was another car actually running in that opposite lane as a booby trap so that I should have either crash into that car from the front or to go out of the road into the field as a self-inflicted accident.


In any way, I was not framed by this trap as I fully realized there were many accidents I suffered in the past, which were created by the Japanese police intelligence and CIA. At that exact time moment, I recognized their movement was weird that there was a large possibility to cause an accident ahead.


That was why I decided to keep a distance from the car in front and maintain a speed to stop my car whatever happens. My action distorted their timing and the truck jumped out to the road when the car in the opposite lane reached to the setup point so that the driver hit the brake urgently to avoid a collision.


I drove a car extremely slowly so that I knew the truck driver just looked at my car and waited for a timing to create a crash. As a result, he did not recognize my car ran quite slowly to avoid any accidents and the timing was lagged to crash a car in the opposite lane when he jumped into the road at that time.


There were many setups later on as well, but I sometimes drove my car extremely slowly that they could not make any accidents that I was fully responsible for. It was nearly impossible to cause a huge crash if running at 10 miles per hour.


The point here was that the police apparently abused their knowledge how the accident happened and where it was frequented, as it was the police job to confirm a responsibility of any accidents.


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