3-46 [Memory control]: Your memory is easily manipulated more than you assume

The memory control is one of the spy operations, which can be actually conducted without the electromagnetic wave. The human memory is not so concrete for each event, hence there is always a room to be modified.


It might be difficult to control the human memory if it is recorded like in a hard disk. If that is the case, it is necessary to change a detail of the memory, though it is actually stored in brain cells, each of which cannot contain a large information. Therefore, the past event is recollected as a mixture of those cells.


The remembrance depends on its connection, hence it become a clear memory when its link is strong, and it becomes vague when weak, which means this linkage is a target of the memory manipulation. You might believe to have conducted some behavior which was actually not done but told many times. This is an issue to create a false confession, but it is more problematic when creating a testimony of the witness, as it is mentally easier to construct a false image.


Your memory is more easily created when your remembrance is vague, as it is not creating a new information into your brain cells, but readjusting your neural network with existing information. If this manipulation works well, you are framed with the new memory.


The electromagnetic wave advances this operation toward the different sphere. The emotional manipulation is one of the simplest radiowave operations, including a control over the positive and negative. This emotion reacts spontaneously to the external information input to decide a conclusion, either positive or negative.


This reaction can take places just in your brain that you might have a different image on the past event when recollecting it under these emotional controls. For example, when the operative lets you think of a certain criminal action with a maneuver over the positive and negative, you might feel you really conducted something illegal. This is just a control over the emotion, but it is effective enough to create a false confession.


This manipulation is so compelling as the memory is not a streak of the facts, but at the same time with a remembrance of the concurrent emotion. It means the emotional manipulation is effective enough to change an outlook of the event, which is one of the ways to alternate the past memory.


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