5-49 [Critical prefrontal area]: Electromagnetic wave can disturb our access to the long-term memory

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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

BA9 is located in the brain prefrontal area, slightly above the frontal lobe which is quite critical for our decision making as well.


It is improbable for the operatives to access the memory directly from the electromagnetic operation. When we remind the past, we think it at the thought process. In this way, the spies can take out the subject’s memory through the electromagnetic capability. However, the memory itself is coded so uniquely for each person as it is stored and recalled with the synaptic connection. It cannot be directly cracked from the outside even with the electromagnetic reading, as it is not a result of the generic ionic change of the brain cells.


Having said that, they can halt the access to the memory with the electromagnetic wave, probably skewing the synaptic connection, when it has an influence on the prefrontal area BA9. There are two apparent symptoms simultaneously caused by the wave, one of which is a numbed headache around that place and the other is a partially blackout to retrieve the memory.


There are two types of the memory problems, the short-term memory and long-term memory. We can counter the short-term problem with writing many memos which are used as an outside memory. It can also be an alternative to the long-term, while there is no way freely access to the quite old memory under this specific electromagnetic operation.


At this point, we have got another critical problem, which is more serious for our behavior that we could not tell the right from wrong. Our ethics are buried into the memory, which is indispensable for our rational choice with a help from the rational thinking conducted at the frontal lobe.


We need to access our memories to determine what we should do according to the ethical code. When the memory access is prevented, we could not tell what we should do when confronting a difficult ethical issue. We can still determine what is the most efficient when our frontal lobe works, but it is not enough for our daily lives.


For a long time, I had not discovered how to counter those issues, occasionally inaccessible to the memory, but eventually found out that it should be retrieved when cooling down the prefrontal area around BA9. It was the time that I totally realized that the rationality is not the only process to control our behaviors, and at the same time, BA9 plays a critical role to recall our memories.