3-23 [Spy’s basic 2]: Antipersonnel operation is a key to every intelligence job

The intelligence organization can manipulate the government to select the information delivered to the politics. This is a severe threat to the democracy, but moreover, they often breach a political process, not to tell anything but just to execute an operation by themselves.This outcome is also one of the main natures of the spy.


The operation is fundamentally categorized into two categories, an antipersonnel and antisociety operation. The antipersonnel operation is basically conducted to acquire a target as their asset.


The spy cannot obtain a secret information easily, hence they drive their target to become one of their informants by the antipersonnel operation. For example, the spy can instigate subjects to commit a crime which becomes a leverage to hire them as their asset.


The spy should render their subject harmless as an extension of this antipersonnel, which basically means to eliminate the subject socially or physically. If they assume their subject is dangerous to their organization when failing to acquire as an asset, this individual becomes a subject to be eliminated.


It is basically enough to exclude a target socially. For example, if the spy successfully instigates a subject to commit a crime, this individual eventually becomes an asset or excluded from the society.


If this plot does not work, the secondary option is to discredit the target, which is another way of the harmless. When their target is still dangerous to their organization despite many operations, they should choose a way to make this individual harmless physically.


It is an assassination, but the murder is not so easy in the modern world. Even the poison can be traced by the advanced technology, hence it is quite difficult to employ an opaque assassination.


Their main methodology is more untraceable that the target is driven to a suicide or eventually killed, faked as such. The traffic accident should be more common, which is framed to render a target harmless, either socially or physically.


Those are normal protocols, but there is another modern technology, which is an electromagnetic wave manipulation. This technology is employed as a support of the instigation operation but also is capable enough to sicken or kill the subject. Moreover, the radiowave can induce a traffic accident, hence the traditional assassination methodologies are enhanced and conducted secretively by the modern technology.


The antipersonnel operation is generally meant to acquire an information through hiring a subject as their asset, though an illegal and unethical operation have been conducted quite often. It is apparent that the spy cannot easily acquire an important individual of another country as their asset.


This operation is sometimes extended to render the subject harmless, including an assassination, which is one of the fundamental jobs of the intelligence.


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