3-151 [Mutual interrogation]: My brain has been connected to the operative’s, meaning they could not necessarily take a lead

I have been manipulated electromagnetically all the time since then and my body and emotion was not just controlled by the Japanese police intelligence and CIA, but I have heard a remote voice always. I have been maneuvered, irrelevant to driving or just sitting in the room, that I always talked to someone through the radiowave.


They had definitely been conducting the same operation until then, though I had not realized that the thought was sent directly to the brain from the outside in that way. I realized there was something wrong happening, but there was no occasion that I heard wired voices directly in the brain during the daytime when I was totally conscious.


The operation became opaque from this April 2013 that they were not bothered anymore to hide their electromagnetic capability.


Almost all the operatives were Japanese as I spoke in Japanese at the most of time. This electromagnetic operation requires a native speaker and they need Japanese natives when conduction an operation in Japan. It is one of the reasons why the CIA has hired many Japanese assets who have at least executed an electromagnetic mission against me.


The electromagnetic manipulation basically uses a human brain as an interface to send a message, also used to read a brain of the subject. Therefore, the CIA has been necessitated to hire many Japanese for this operation as an operative.


I talked to many spies through the radiowave, but I recognized at least tens of them in those days, who had known this functionality for a long time and some of them were definitely assetized for this purpose.


There were some operatives actually sided with me and many others totally contradicted with. I had quarreled with them for some time and realized that I could proceed the conversation with my lead.


At first, I was so perplexed that the word was strangely sent to my brain directly, though I came to realize that I could talk down them to the edge. My brain was connected to their brains through the electromagnetic wave technology, implying that they were not necessarily a controlling party of the conversation. I even controlled their wording while they were talking.


I was already doped a truth drug, which proved I was innocent but, at the same time, I had nothing to hide anymore for my past embarrassing behavior as those were already talked and known to them, which gave me an advantageous position.


Almost all the operatives had conducted crimes and held many unethical issues to hide, though they could not hide those if I correctly confronted them an issue during the electromagnetic interaction.


They did not take a truth drug so that they did not speak those easily, but I could frame them with a talking technique. I continuously asked them questions with following their answers which sometimes contained a truth. Their option was to accept or deny those when confronted, but it was hard for them to control the situation, as they also heard a voice directly to the brain and could not control their emotion when I irritated them.


Furthermore, I had known many of them and my knowledge of their past behavior provided more advantages in terms of the conversation. As a result, I started to investigate their past crimes that they have conducted assassinations and tortures as CIA assets, which had not been prosecuted by the Japanese police due to the illegal immunity.


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