3-139 [Invisible voice]: I originally thought it was delivered by the speaker though sounded weird

I had experienced weird phenomena in Hokkaido, and then, one day, I suddenly heard voices in the room. It was not so surprising that I thought I was listening voices physically through the ears, not delivered directly to the brain, though it was partially because the spy might drugged me to become hazy.


There was actually another reason why I was not surprised that I could tell who they were. I knew almost all of the speakers who were apparently cooperated with the CIA, not with the Japanese police intelligence, as some of them were not Japanese nor residents in Japan.


I had realized that the CIA expanded their asset network to drive me to the edge, some of those I had known for a long time. There were many ways to have them work for their operation, including an intimidation or plea bargaining, and in any way, they spoke to me in some technical methodology as a part of the spy mission.


As a matter of fact, I actually had conversations with them. They had their explanation why they cooperated with the CIA, but I told them that their cooperation was just wrong and the intelligence community was so wrong in many perspectives at least for my case.


Nobody was able to make a critical counterargument of mine, as I was right and they made some failures or illegal conducts to be hired as an asset to the CIA, which was why they were there to talk to me.


The conversation took place in a regular manner that I made a point, they reacted to it and we communicated one another. At that time, I spoke aloud so that I thought my voice was picked up by the bug, which was sent to their ears and they reacted to it.


I talked to many spies and assets, and eventually, they gave up talking as there was no way they could win over me. After everything settled, I came to wonder why I was hearing voices.


My first thought was that I was listening to voices from the speaker set up far away, which was directional to be delivered to my ears. It had been my hypothesis for two months, which was why I had a weird dream during the morning doze and which was just executed while I was totally awake.


At least, I concluded that there is a technology to hear the voice from a distance, but I got another issue that I had no sense I was listening to their voices through the ears. I was so concentrated on refuting them that I did not consider what was happening.


After settled down, I started to doubt my original hypothesis that the directional speaker was used but this phenomenon was stranger than I could imagine.


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