[shadow brokers]9:another possibility conducted as an NSA and CIA covert operation

There is another possibility that the CIA and NSA should frame the global crime organization and shadow brokers. It was nearly revealed that these government intelligences conducted an illegal hacking and they exploited this situation. They utilized obsoleted data given to them for a confirmation of the global crime connection.


The whole issue was staged as their counterintelligence, if this is the case.


This possibility cannot be denied, but its odd is not high. As you know, the general American reaction was a surprise and confusion. They more or less knew that the CIA and NSA had this hacking capability, but they disbelieved a little how deeply they were hacked by the crime organization.


As a result, there is no possibility this leak is perceived positive to the NSA, hence it is unnecessary to employ this approach as a counterintelligence. At least as far as we know, it is less likely conducted as their strategy, unless there is another truth coming up to make it more sense.


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