[shadow brokers]11:they should be caught

All in all, there is a large possibility that we can elucidate the background of these crimes if arresting “shadow brokers”. They are just data brokers, but highly likely related to more crimes and we might tail other global crime organizations, including the equation group.


Additionally, they are an indispensable part of the crime infrastructure in Japan. When we arrest them, this infrastructure should be severely damaged. They are critical targets for the Japanese police as well.


There is another unsolved question for all of us. Snowden worked at the Japan desk of the NSA, which implies it is highly likely he knew some of the members of shadow brokers. It was one of his job descriptions when working for the NSA to find these hackers. Is it common not to realize or even to misread old enemies when leaving the job?


In any way, I hope they are caught as soon as possible.

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