3-133 [Snow splashed in the air]: My front glass was filled with the splashed snow to deprive my eyesight

I went to a ski site every day in Hokkaido. There was quite a limited option I could do in the winter, and at the same time, I thought there was no more opportunity just to ski like that in the future.


The site was closed when the winter came to the end so that it was necessary for me to find out what to do the next. The first choice was to borrow a car and to go other ski sites still open for an extension of the existing lifestyle.


I got accustomed to the winter in Hokkaido and recovered my confidence to drive normally on the snow. Actually, it was no problem, which expanded my radius of action to do other than skiing as well.


There was a special plot I experienced in those days that the operatives splashed a snow to the front glass of my car, which deprived my eyesight at once and I could not have seen anything at all.


At first, I had no idea what just happened. The front glass was filled with the snow and I had no idea what to do. Eventually, I got to understand it could be wiped out within a few seconds, suggesting that we can cope with this operation as far as we know the drill.


I had experienced it for many times and had an enough time to analyze what was going on. My conclusion was that it was an intentional plot of the PIs or police intelligence to cause an accident.


When running a road with a soft snow, you can splash it to the air if choosing to drive an edge of the wheel truck. I came to understand how it worked and tried many times to do the same as a counter.


My skill was still not enough, but I could splash a snow to the air. There was another reason why I could not splash well, as there was a spot appropriate to conduct its plot against the target. I did not know where it was hence I failed to execute it as good as the police could do. It is actually a place where the accident is frequented, whose data is accumulated in the police department.


This plot was easily countered just to keep a distance from the car ahead and not to run at the high speed. Then, you understand this is going to happen some of the time, you are not panicked to cope with the snow. The issue here was that this plot has been used by the police to eliminate their target.