3-77 [Spy’s self-determination]: It is a fundamental issue of the intelligence community trying independent from any governments

The social unrest is a target for the spy to manipulate criminals to conduct mass murders. At first, there was a phase to establish a methodology to manipulate a subject to cause a mass murder. Once it is obtained, they have intentionally created murderers, which is eventually construed that the more intelligence is necessary for the country.


The only leftover issue is at what level this plan was approved within the intelligence agency. In the Japanese case, the head of police intelligence division was definitely involved, though they did not leave any evidence that they directly ordered, but more likely they just implied what to do and the detail was decided at the different level of commanding chain.


Having said that, the intelligence covert operation of the Japanese intelligence has been approved by the same line of ranking officers, indicating a selection of the target has been conducted by the same team. There should be many crimes independently caused by the rogue officers, though the whole intelligence agency is responsible for these irregularities as well.


This basically holds true to the CIA that the high ranking officers have been definitely involved in the electromagnetic operation to have caused mass murders. It is required for the spy to stir up the social unrest to create a demand for an intelligence job. At the same time, the rogue officers and assets have caused many irregular crimes including mass murders which the agency is still responsible to.


These operations were evolved at some point to the current. The US, Japan and many other countries have already realized that the electromagnetic wave is too dangerous to victimize numerous people, directly and indirectly. I am not sure when they realized this fact but there was an apparent murder created by the wave, hence they should have realized its capability until then.


Contrarily saying, the government has been blackmailed by the intelligence community at least since then. It is apparent that the intelligence cannot enhance their authority and budget under this circumstance that they are responsible for many crimes or are creating many problems caused by the wave. However, they can deter the administration to investigate more of the intelligence crime to show how capable they are. That is basically a blackmail against the government.


Or, they can employ a strategy of the good cop and bad cop under this circumstance. There are many rogue agents to manipulate criminals to kill many people, which can be countered by white knight intelligence officers. In this way, they can win a trust from the administration, though this plot is one of the basic intelligence operations.


This crazy situation is caused by a self-determination of the spy organization. All the organization is bureaucratized to ignore a chain of command for a maintenance of their own existence. It holds true to the intelligence agency and the issue is that their operational capability is too sophisticated to topple the government.


This is also true to the military, which is why they are severely controlled by the democratic government as a civilian control. If not, the democracy cannot be sustained to cause many harms to the people. We need to control an intelligence capability to protect ourselves from an illegal operation in the same manner to contain a self-determination of the military.


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