3-95 [CIA mobilizes US citizens]: Ordinary people are easily mobilized for the spy operation with a false alert

There were many people cooperating with the spy operation while I was staying in Okinawa, some of those were CIA assets and some others just cooperated with their operation. As a matter of fact, there were many people available for the CIA in Okinawa, comparing to the Amami.


If you have an American passport and if the CIA officer asks you a help directly, you are likely to support them, especially residing in the foreign country. This is a quite natural decision, as the same thing happens to any countries; for example, the Japanese police intelligence can easily get a cooperation from the people living outside the country.


They are technically not an asset but just availed for the spy operation, most likely due to the fake information that there is a dangerous individual to be watched over. The problem is at the spy who abuses their authority to mobilize ordinary people for their illegal conduct.


This abuse should be more restricted in the future, as there are lots of people falsely availed to oppress the personal freedom of others. If this is allowed, the outcome is basically the same as a tyranny or controlling government.


North Korea has employed this strategy in an extreme way that they have mobilized their citizens or descendants for their illegal spy operation even to commit a crime in Japan. Their deed is unacceptable to Japan when it is conducted in the Japanese territory, but the whole outcome is basically the same when the CIA or Japanese police intelligence deceive ordinary people to cooperate with their illegal operation.


North Korea is just extreme to intimidate those people to work for them that their relatives should be sent to the concentration camp if not cooperating. They are quite wrong, but the Japanese police actually intimidates ordinary people that their relatives can be arrested if not supporting the police operation. We had better realize that this abuse is basically the same as what North Korea has done to their people.


In any way, the CIA easily buy a support from their citizen when conducting an operation in the foreign land. It means they can easily mobilize many people in Tokyo as the American is the most populated there and they can do the same thing where there are many American citizens; the Okinawa main island is apparently one of them.


I still remember some of them actually cooperated with the CIA operation to monitor me, which means the CIA put me under severe surveillance in October of 2011. To tell the truth, I had already realized I was watched by the CIA until then, but not realized I was their target for the elimination.


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