5-9 [DC Navy yard shooting] 9: Spy’s electromagnetic operation against me

man s hand in shallow focus and grayscale photography

In my case, the spies determined to hire me as their asset: i.e. one of their colleagues, whose operation was led by the CIA. They shifted their operation from the traditional to the electromagnetic which started with the voice in my head that I talked to some of my acquaintances without any devices. Some of them were my old colleagues and I actually had a conversation with them, just speaking in the middle of the room without their presence.

3-140 [Direct voice to the brain]: I realized there is a technology to deliver the voice directly to the brain, but not sure what it was at that time


This operation did not work well for them at the beginning, because I was in control of those conversations. Then, they sent some of my friends to persuade me to work for the spies. I have already realized that they had worked for the spies as I heard their voices under severe tortures in Hong Kong in late 2012 to covert me as a spy. I refused their invitation again in this spring of 2013 as well.


They escalated their operation to control my body that I started running in the room which I could not stop at my own will. I was so scared, but still, I was calm enough to come up with the tactics, not to struggle with the controlled movement, as they increased their control if I tried hard to avoid. The zen meditation was one of the ways to get away from the external body control, though I could not do anything as well, due to the meditation.


They eventually gave up these tactics to convert me as their intimidation did not work. The next step was to drug me and manipulate my whole thinking and movements. I confessed them of my immoral behavior to the voices directly heard to the brain, though there was nothing prosecutable as I had successfully avoided an issue to become a legal issue.

3-148 [Electromagnetic wave and drug]: They continued the crazy operation to blackmail me


It had continued for a few weeks and I recovered from the worst. Then, I had decided to go around by car in Hokkaido where those operations were held. It created another problem that they controlled my temper and body movement during the drive. They would like me to create a car crash.


This was not a subtle operation. I travelled a lot in the next three months and there were many people involved in the course as they could not cover those huge areas just by themselves. I took an attention from many politicians until then, and it was absolutely sure that all of the US Congress members realized this electromagnetic manipulation at some point in 2013 when the DC Navy yard shooting took place.


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