5-11 [DC Navy yard shooting] 11: My running away in Okinawa from the spies


As mentioned previously, this shooter quitted a job on 27 Dec 2012 in Okinawa, a day after I went back to Japan going to the Amami islands, next to the Okinawa.


In my memory, the most of spy operations were conducted by the Japanese police intelligence in the Amami. There is a concrete reason for that. It was an off-season for the tourism in the December of the Japanese southwest islands, so that the foreigners were impossible to hide. There were some CIA related personnel, but they were easily spotted by not just me but the local residents as well.


However, it was not the case for Okinawa when I got there in early January of 2013. There were large US military bases in the island and it was not easy to spot the CIA agent, not impossible though. Then at some point, the CIA took over the operation as the spies started to speak in English more than in Japanese from the middle of that January.

3-116 [Foreign agents]: Foreign Spy got in charge of the operation replacing PI


They have definitely deployed the electromagnetic wave operation until then, but it was not conducted overtly. There were many weird thoughts and sensations, but I thought it was a result of other spy techniques. It was Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan where I was exposed to the opaque electromagnetic manipulation in March.


It took a couple of weeks to accept the new reality and finally resisted an intimidation from the spies with the electromagnetic wave. They continued an operation on-going, but they gave up an original plan to hire me as an asset, and concurrently, I had decided to settle down as I realized that there was no way out soon from their advanced operation. I left Hokkaido in July.

3-147 [Threat by the government]: They compelled me to accept their absolute authority


The DC Navy yard shooter claimed that he had been subject to the ultra-low frequency for three months until the attack. It means he got attacked sometime in June and it was highly likely the time when he was back to the same job in that month.


It must be one of the Plan B that the rogue CIA officers manipulated this perpetrator when they failed to crack me down. They proceeded their operation to uncover their electromagnetic capability, so that they needed another blackmail to protect it as the top secret.