5-15 [DC Navy yard shooting] 15: More murders have been created globally by the electromagnetic manipulation


There are more murders and fatal incidents triggered by the electromagnetic wave around the world. I have confirmed several Japanese cases definitely caused by the wave, though it was quite hard to get a full evidence in Japan, even though the perpetrators were not killed during the arrest.


The legal disclosure system is still not well-prepared in Japan and it is hard to obtain the case information from the government. That is another obstacle against the truth on the electromagnetic wave capability.


Having said that, I got a better understanding on the mass murder case in Awaji island at the middle of Japan. It happened on 9 Mar 2015 that the perpetrator killed five neighbors with a knife. He believed he was a subject to the electromagnetic wave to control his brain. However, he was so brainwashed to misconstrue his neighbors were agents of the unknown organization to attack him with the device.


This story was quite similar to the DC Navy yard shooting case as both of them claimed they were controlled through the electromagnetic wave and attacked apparently innocent people guided by voices directly heard to their brains. Those facts implied that the real culprits behind the cases should employ the same mind control protocol.


I am writing the detail of this case in Japanese, and might translate into English later on. In any way, there were some cases almost certainly that the electromagnetic wave technology was deployed to manipulate the perpetrators to commit felonies. These operations should be categorized as the anti-society, to create a social unrest, which is always required for the survival of the intelligence community.


Every time when the notorious case happened, the need for the intelligence organization has been escalated. They have fully realized this fact and even created some problems domestically and internationally to enhance their necessity. That was a part of the reasons why they manipulated perpetrators to cause significant issues with many death counts.

3-77 [Spy’s self-determination]: It is a fundamental issue of the intelligence community trying independent from any governments