5-10 [DC Navy yard shooting] 10: The same CIA team observed this shooter and me

silhouette of boy running in body of water during sunset

There were more issues in this DC Navy shooting case and mine, as both cases are interrelated.


This shooter at the DC Navy yard was in Okinawa when resigned from the US Navy subcontractor on 27 Dec 2012. As said, I went to Southeast Asia but came back to Japan on 26 Dec 2012, one day before his resignation. Then, I went to the Amami islands on that day, which is next to the Okinawa islands.

3-83 [Ops at Amami island]: I flew from Indonesian to Japanese islands


The electromagnetic wave operation started opaquely from Mar 2013, though I have been a subject of this operation for nearly 30 years. I just did not realize it as I was not a believer of any supernatural thing originally and the world should be explained in a scientific way, even if it looks quite supernatural.


The US military has a sizable base in Okinawa main island, whose system is highly likely used for this electromagnetic operation when I was there from Dec 2012 to Feb 2013. I am pretty much sure that the Japanese police intelligence has had a capability to conduct these operations in remote islands, but Okinawa was one of the suitable places in Japan for the CIA to run their independent operation away from others, due to the large asset base in the region.


This operation apparently needs antennas, converting devices and transmission systems. The shooter worked for the electronic system out there just before my arrival, meaning the same CIA team had known me and him for sure. Although, I am not certain that that was the reason why he was found out as a subject, because he might become on the CIA list beforehand.

23-1 [Brain reading history]: the radar can read your brain


All I can say is that the spies had an intensive time to watch over him for the plan B when they failed an operation to suck me down.


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