5-8 [DC Navy yard shooting] 8: Similarity and difference to my case exposed to the electromagnetic wave



My experience is a little different from the shooter at the DC Navy yard. I was originally a fugitive from the spies when I was exposed to the overt electromagnetic operation, meaning I knew there were a bunch of spies surrounding me.


I was nearly killed in the late 2011 and lived under the severe enclosure in Hong Kong, which was mainly conducted by the Chinese intelligence, but the CIA and Japanese police intelligence jointly supported this operation, which I later realized. Then, I ran from Hong Kong in the spring of 2012 and back to Tokyo and my hometown, Nara, later on, but there was no way out from the spy operation, so that I had decided to go to Southeast Asia in later 2012.

2-5 [Assassination]: I was shot


My conclusion at that time was that I needed a support from any governments, while it was beyond my understandings to ask the help for the perpetrators. It meant I would like to avoid the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and Chinese intelligence.


That was my initial tactic but soon realized that the governments out there were also vulnerable to these big powers and I could not get any helps. Then, I decided to come back to Japan until the situation settled. It was the time for the general election and the leftist party lost it, which might have given me a chance for the survival.

3-11 [Decided to leave Hong Kong again]: I should be killed if decided to stay longer


However, it was not the case and necessary for me to run away further. I hopped around the southwest islands of Japan at first and moved to the north end, Hokkaido, where I got exposed to the electromagnetic wave operation overtly. It was the spring of 2013, one year after my running away started.


That was one of the reasons why I instantly realized it was the spy operation, even though I had not realized how I heard remote voices without any devices and why my body was totally out of my control.

3-139 [Invisible voice]: I originally thought it was delivered by the speaker though sounded weird


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