3-183 [Lost the way]: I spent several hours to go back home within a ten-minute range

I was maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave while I lost the way. It was not just to disrupt my brain by the wave, but the operatives had continued to talk to me all the time. They told me a wrong direction to my apartment and there was no truth at all.


I came to lose my memory of the path as the time went by, and eventually, I thought I could not go back home. They originally planned that I was going to lose the way, as the place was located at a complicated alley, easily to lose the way for the first time especially walking in the night.


I had lost the ways many times until then due to the electromagnetic wave manipulation, but I did not recognize their capability correctly that it was an easy operation for them.


I walked around back and forth in the same ways and tried to find a clue to go back my home. I started this stroll from 7 PM and had already passed the midnight, but I could not get anything even with a thorough search.


I was so familiar with the area eventually, spending that amount of time, but it did not help me to reach my goal. It was raining from the middle, but I just walked around without an umbrella.


I made up my mind to walk back home, however hard it was, even the dawn would come that I had resisted to their harassment and intimidation whatever happened.


I had a useless map as there was no exact information of my place, which was a fundamental reason why I was lost, but I wrote down my address as well, just in case. I understood the structure of this area so that I could confirm my place when I looked at the map in the convenience store.


The next issue was that I could not find a convenience store, though there was no store originally around my apartment, which was why I could not spot it out. Having said that, I was pretty much sure that it was located near to the station, hence I switched a target again, the station this time.


I finally confirmed where my apartment was, which was easy to find as I had already known the way back as I walked around too much. It was just a kilo meter back to home, but I spent several hours for that, and then, I realized my new life here should become more miserable than I originally imagined.