3-115 [Private investigators]: They were eventually kicked out of the island

There were many young private investigators deployed for various plots, the most of those believed they were capable. However, I could not fall into their tactics, hence they became irritated eventually.


Their methodology was centered by the gaslighting to intimidate me to accept their demand and they also employed many framings to instigate me to commit a crime.


It was not effective as I was watched by numerous people that any crimes triggered an immediate arrest, though they kept their useless instigation forever. Adding to this, they supported the police to create a crime from my past, as they mentioned a matter related to the police investigation which I had known of.


There was no crime originally, hence all they could do was to create a false confession as a result of the gaslighting, intimidation and torture which was conducted by those young PIs as well as the police intelligence and CIA.


There was a critical problem at their methodology that they did not understand a system of the good cop and bad cop. More likely, they could not have become a good cop, as they could not hide their evil intention. As a result, they tried to control me just by lies and bluffs, though they did not understand it was operationally limited without a good cop.


They should have driven me to the edge as far as they could, but they were not physically fit comparing to me, hence they could not go beyond a mental stir-up, though they were so persistent and annoying. They were not local people but just sent from outside of the island as a contract including a cash payment, hence they could have continued as far as the payment went.


They also realized that I tried to control myself not to attack them so that they became to show more aggression against me than a bluff. They were pissed off in front of me to escalate a tension, which was the only option to take for them as far as the payment continued.


This aggression might have been escalated into a physical damage to the local community, hence the police eventually decided to send them back to the outside. One evening when I went down to the hotel lobby, the police gathered those young PIs altogether, some of those I had known that they conducted a gaslighting against me.


The police said to them that they were sent back to their home, which was likely conducted to win a trust of mine that they were a good cop, but contrarily, it was revealed that the police was fully involved in the whole illegal orchestration.