5-46 [Brain Malfunction]: Analysis of how each brain part is affected by the electromagnetic wave

photo of head bust print artwork
Photo by meo on Pexels.com

I have spent so much time to understand how the electromagnetic manipulation works as it has been necessary for me to counter their operation, which is the only to put myself out of their severe brainwash.


As said, I had not realized this electromagnetic capability for a long time, even though I have been targeted at least for more than two decades. I had an experience that my body was totally out of my control in 2001, running around the room in the middle of the night. Then, I witnessed the spies sent the voices directly to the brain with this technology in front of my eyes in 1993, though I thought he was just so suffered to hear something which others could not have discerned.


The intelligence community got quite intensive to hunt me down from 2011, as their previous covert operations had been failed for years. They tried to criminalize me with many sting operations for years, whose failures stepped them up to offer me a spy job, even revealing their identities to believe that they could have acquired me as one of their colleagues.


Then, they have elevated their operations to conduct the electromagnetic manipulation apparently from 2013, as there were few options left to neutralize me. That was why I originally knew the electromagnetic phenomenon was a result of the intelligence operation conducted by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence.


Although, I had no idea what it was at first. It took several days to understand they have employed the electromagnetic wave to control my body and to send the voices directly into my head. I had fought back with them, though my situation became worse that I got so manipulated later in that year.


I hung on not to be broken while there was no way out, to think how to attack the local police headquarter, even though I had realized it was a brainwash conducted by the CIA and the Japanese police intelligence.


Eventually, I found out the way to get out; cooling my head down. My emotion has been again under my control and I stand with the pain created by the electromagnetic wave. Then, I have realized that there are several distinctive headaches, each of which has a completely different set of influences on brain functions.


I have noticed that the spies have used different ELF to harm me in different ways. For example, there is an ache more described as the numbed ache, which is used to make me feel fatigued. It is purposed to lose my motivation to go through some of my works as they have hated me to retrieve my autonomy. There are various forms and various outcomes against the brain function, which cannot be simply categorized as the headache created by the electromagnetic wave.


There have been many tries and errors, but eventually, I figured out how to contain each pain and control through the ELF wave with different ways of cooling my head. I am going to write about how each of the electromagnetic manipulation basically harms our brain function.


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