5-45 [Indirect Control]: Multiple ways to control the emotion with the electromagnetic wave

red and multicolored figure
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Various emotions are controlled by the electromagnetic wave, whose detail is written at the early stage of these writings. I have been exposed to all the emotional controls mentioned in the past and there is nothing special to be added onto the original ideas and observations.


I am pretty much sure that the CIA or intelligence community have a list of emotional codes according to the frequencies. There should be some parts of individuality prevailing over the general code, though, as far as it is connected to the ionic change of each cell, the similarity should be quite high. It means the generic code on the list works on the general public or it just requires a little change to be adjusted for each target personnel.


Having said that, there is another way to control the emotion or sense. In their electromagnetic wave operations, the multiple brains are generally connected to the subject’s, which concurrently thinks in the same thing and feels in the same manner.


When one of the operatives creates a pain in some place of the body, such as pinching the belly, the subject should feel the ache at the same place. This phenomenon can be transformed to many other ways to create any pains, at arms, faces or whatever, which are felt by the subject as an unknown cause.


This can be applicable to more pathological symptoms, such as headache. If the spies decide to create a headache directly on the brain of one of the operatives with high-frequency electromagnetic pulse, which can be transferred to the subject’s headache. This is just one of the examples but the intelligence organizations can be more creative to use indirect method the harm their subjects, even though they have decoded various feeling and senses directly affecting their target.


In any ways, the spies would like to employ their subjects for their favors with tortures or manipulations, according to their original goal. It might be to create the social unrest as an anti-social operation or to hire the subjects as an asset through the anti-personnel operation.


Those electromagnetic technologies are basically employed for their operational objective, not randomly used in this world even though it looks quite random. It is still the same when the electromagnetic operation is conducted by the rogue officers that they would like to manipulate their subjects for their final ambitions, even if they are evil and skewed. Any emotional controls or tortures are executed toward their objective and we should be noted that these symptoms appear in the process.


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