5-43 [Electromagnetic history]: The technology was successfully developed in the 1970s

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I wrote a historical development of the electromagnetic manipulation and assumed it was created in the 1970s, which should be confirmed correct through my research.


There are still assertions that the CIA developed this capability at MKULTRA Subproject 119 in the 1960s, which I have originally doubted as their project goal was not aligned to the current technology. The motive should be the same, but their idea cannot bear the current technology. I later confirmed my original understanding that it was just a project to research the advanced electromagnetic technology and could not yield any substantial methodologies.


However, those doctors were related to the development of the electromagnetic capability in the 1970s. I originally assumed they established a technological foundation around that time, as there is a reasonable doubt this technology was deployed against Japanese politicians in the early 1980s.


There were two prominent politicians deceased probably due to this technology, one of those was a prime minister Masayoshi Ohira, died from the stroke during his tenure. The other one is Ichiro Nakagawa, who run the campaign to succeed Mr. Ohira, though committing suicide a few months after his defeat.


It was a suicide, while there is a proof that his son, Shoichi Nakagawa, was attacked by this electromagnetic technology. He almost lost his conscious during the press briefing in Rome, which was still seen on Youtube, showing how the electromagnetic wave worked in one way to control the target.


He was a finance minister at that time and targeted by the operatives infiltrated by the left extremist. He resigned the post soon after this incident and deceased half a year later after his loss at the general election. At this point, I came to the conclusion that there was a large possibility that his father was also deceased due to the electromagnetic manipulation.


There are more reasons why I thought it was developed in the 1970s, while I confirmed later that the CIA actually made a success to influence on the human being remotely in those days. This fact actually increases the probability that the electromagnetic technology was employed against Ichiro Nakagawa by the CIA, partly because he was a conservative politician who was not hesitant to communicate with the Soviet Union, as his electoral district is Hokkaido, a few dozen miles from Russia. The CIA would like to stop him from becoming a prime minister in the early 1980s when their tension was still quite elevated against the Soviet Union.


I assumed those incidents were eventually revealed by the Japanese police, which was why the CIA handed the technology over to the Japanese police intelligence as they are partners in the intelligence community after all. Moreover in this way, they can control the Japanese police intelligence as well. That was why there were Japanese individuals targeted by their own police department with this technology from the 1980s. Their main targets were members of the communist party at first, which was part of the reason why I was targeted as my father has been one of them.


There was a wrong assumption as well. I originally assumed that this capability should have been developed by the wired EEG, i.e. to manipulate the subject through the electrode attached to the head. However, the technology was likely inspired by the psychic ability and the CIA targeted a remote electromagnetic technology from the beginning.