5-47 [Frontal lobe defect]: Rationality is lost when the electromagnetic wave disturbs the frontal lobe

man wearing black and white stripe shirt looking at white printer papers on the wall
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The frontal lobe was the first place that I have realized the cooling works. At that time, I was working on the paper concerning the shrinking childbirth in Japan. I recovered from the severe brainwash conducted at the precedent 6 months and switched my mindset after escape to try the best making my life worthwhile, even under the tortures and intimidations operated by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence.


I had made preliminary researches on the related statistics for a few months and convinced that I could make a difference on the understanding of the childbirth shrinkage and the policy direction, hence I started to write down the paper.


However, the operatives did not like this idea and crushed my PC. I managed to take some of the data and continued the work, and then, they created a severe headache on my brain to go through. I often spent time in bed for endurance or passing out, though tried hard as far as I could devote myself in front of the PC.


One day, I was so struggled to continue my writing with a severe ache, and eventually, my brain became too hot to think straight beyond a severe headache. I ran to take a coolant from the refrigerator and put it on my forehead with a band to go through. It should work cool the overheat of my brain, and at the same time alleviate my headache tremendously.


We lose a clear logical process when the frontal lobe is attacked with an ache through the electromagnetic wave. It is problematic for us to work logically, such as writing a paper with rationality. We can recover this logical function with cooling the forehead, when attacked by the electromagnetic operation.


There is another function recovered through this particular cooling, which is control over the emotion. The emotion is controlled by the electromagnetic wave, which causes a symptom like a mood disorder, feeling aggression or anxiety in an extreme way. These are originally constrained by the frontal lobe and this function is also retrieved by cooling the forehead.


However, the emotion became soon irregular at that time. The frontal lobe has a function just to constrain the emotion with the rationality, while it does not create the emotion itself. If the emotion erupts further through the electromagnetic wave irradiation, the frontal lobe cannot control at some point. It also means that the mood disorder is created by two different processes, the irregular emotion or the irregular constraint, the latter of which is a malfunction of the frontal lobe.


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