5-37 [Awaji Island slayings] 8: Always need to consider the possibility of electromagnetic ops when strange crimes occur

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There are many similar cases globally that the perpetrators have been manipulated through the electromagnetic wave to conduct mass murders. It is also common that the spy agencies run their covert operation against their own governments, which is quite weird as they are established to influence on others. However, it is necessary for them to create social unrest for their survival.


The negative incidents actually have raised their necessity, which is what they learnt from the 1990s. If there is no enemy, their budget should be cut without hesitation. Their existence depends on their enemies to fight with and the social unrest is one of the ways to enhance their position. The bureaucratization is common for any organizations and they make their best to preserve their existences, which is self-organization.


However, it is dangerous when the intelligence community manages to work for themselves, as they have critical skillsets, such as the assassination, brainwash or anti-society operation to create social unrest. They can employ these capabilities to their own people and governments and some of the perpetrators were manipulated electromagnetically to commit mass murders by them; i.e. the CIA has created mass murders with the electromagnetic manipulation in the US for their survival.


The CIA might not admit it, even if they are confronted and might say that the operations were not decided by their chain of command. Even if they were conducted by their rogue officers, they are definitely responsible for the whole events.


In some cases, they hired the people who had the mental issue, as we can conclude the reason behind their murders as such, while the social unrest was kept as they wanted. This perpetrator in Awaji was also hired in the same manner that he had a record to see a psychiatrist.


Generally speaking, we cannot think straightforward when suffering from mental illness, while their murders were sometimes planned meticulously, which is apparently out of the norm. They saw a doctor with an exactly contradictory reason, not to think straightforward. If their murder is so calculated, it indicates that there is someone behind to control.


This contradiction can be explained with the electromagnetic manipulation. Even if the perpetrator is disturbed mentally, they can conduct a murder with the sound plan as the operative is quite rational to control the act according to their plan. Or, even they can think of the plan B, which is left as evidence. This holds true to Awaji case that he suffered but the attack was well planned.


When these cases happen, it had better consider the possibility of the anti-society operations, though it is not the case until now, as this technology is not still admitted. This situation is more dangerous that we should know the truth what is really happening in this world, which gives us a chance to protect ourselves.


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