5-36 [Awaji Island slayings] 7: Spies exclusively possess the electromagnetic capability for manipulations

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The electromagnetic manipulation is only held by the intelligence organizations. I am not sure how it is widespread, but the major countries have this capability until now. The CIA is a champion on this technology as well, while China and Russia have possessed the electromagnetic capability as well.


They are active in Japan as the neighbors, though I seriously doubt that they can covertly conduct the electromagnetic operation without notice of Japanese authority. There might have been some of the cases but it is quite hard to conduct this operation with many operative, which can be easily detected by the Japanese police intelligence. As discussed, they at least have 30,000 intelligence officers around Japan and can spot a sizable foreign activity with lengthy time.


The CIA should be an exemption of their scope as they holds a partnership with Japanese police intelligence and they are influential enough as their regional headquarter, East Asia Division, is located in Tokyo. They have more or less a freehand to conduct their covert operation in Japan in this circumstance.


Those foreign agencies hire Japanese citizen, especially for the electromagnetic operation. They can conduct the emotional control just through the apparatus, though it is necessary for the spies to have Japanese proficiency to read the subject’s brain. It is also required to speak almost perfect Japanese when it comes to the brainwash. If the message is strange to the subject, even just in their brain, they should not believe that wording. This level of Japanese proficiency is not easy for foreigners.


Japanese police also has hired many intelligence assets, those are mostly communism extremist. They were quite sizable and active in the past, which was why the police hired some of them to crack down their organizations. They are also mobilized for the electromagnetic operations to create the social unrest, which actually they have done for a long time as their anti-government activity. Japanese police intelligence has shared exactly the same background that they have needed enemies to fight with for the survival. The anti-society operations have been conducted for that purpose, especially after the extremist became inactive in the early 1990s.


This is the whole point for this Awaji multiple murders that he was not a target of the anti-personnel operation, but can be brainwashed for the anti-society operation. It also means that we can be targeted at any moment. Spies have claimed that they are lions on the top of the food chain and we, the ordinary people, are sheep whose future to be controlled by them. That was actually what the CIA said to me at that time of their recruit, I rejected though.


This murder case in Awaji Island was definitely manipulated by the spies. I could not single it out to which intelligence organization, but there are just a few possibilities. Before narrowing it down, I would like to discuss why he was targeted.


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