5-38 [Awaji Island slayings] 9: Brainwash is a part of the delusion


In the court sentence, the word “delusion” appears many times for this Awaji murder case. They concluded that he murders those five victims with a delusion, which is critical to imply he was responsible enough to be prosecuted. This condemnation should be partly true as the victims were targeted as an operative to run the electromagnetic attack against him, albeit they were not really. His recognition was apparently skewed, which can be categorized as the delusion.


The crucial fact is, the brainwash generally creates a delusion as well. The spies manipulate the subjects to have delusional ideas, which is an essential process during the brainwash. In this sense, the legal claim of his delusion is understandable, but it is more important how it is created.


The court basically determined the perpetrator suffered from the obsession or paranoia, and if not, he should have suffered from the mental illness, which makes him exempted from any legal punishments.


Contrary to this conclusion, he actually heard the voice inside his brain, which cannot be a delusion. If it was caused by the mental issue, he suffered too much not to think clearly, meaning he suffered from the schizophrenic or near to that state. There is no way to conclude he was just delusional, while it was required for them to sentence him to death penalty.


The electromagnetic techniques can also send voices directly into the brain of their subjects. This symptom is perfectly similar to the hallucination caused by the mental illness, but there is a big difference that their brains function in a normal way. The murder plan can be designed by the operatives, though they can follow through with a delusion created by the outside.


The existence of voices was critical at this Awaji case as well. However, it was totally neglected in the court, as they just ignored the electromagnetic capability, or at least he was assumed not a victim of this technology. He was sober enough to conduct multiple murders according to the plan with an instant discretion, while he heard voices to create the delusion. This contradiction cannot be explained by the mental illness, even not by the obsession or paranoia, but it was only plausible when he was controlled through the electromagnetic wave.







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