5-32 [Awaji Island slayings] 3: The whole phenomena is explained by the existing theory

close up view of plasma
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This murder case file was publicly available though it is written in Japanese. It is not a common practice in Japan that the majority was kept in the justice department, not seen by the general public. However, they have decided to disclose some of the famous cases, affecting the broad society and this Awaji murder case was one of them.


In that file, this perpetrator believed he was a victim of the “neurowar”. I am not sure the right translation of this word in English, though it basically means there is a war using this ELF technology.


Our brain can be controlled externally and it is a fact, though it does not mean there is a war using this capability. It might depend on how we define the war, though it is a technology to manipulate the human brain and organism through the low-end electromagnetic wave. This capability has developed for the interrogation and torture, originally, made by the CIA. The same technology has already wide speared globally and I am pretty much sure that China and Russia have held this capacity for decades.


However, I do not believe they fought each other with this technology as a war. The issue is more like the intelligence community has deployed this technology to the ordinary people, which is far away from the notion of war.


They have targeted the ordinary people at least since the cold war ended. At that time, they realized that they became unnecessary as there was no enemy to fight with and their budget was cut to size down their organizations. They needed a job and expanded their field to the economic intel, to steal the information from the private company. At the same time, they created some enemies to fight with, some of those are picked from the ordinary people. This electromagnetic capability has been used for that purpose and it becomes exacerbated since then.


This is an issue of the bureaucratization that every organization eventually works to protect themselves for the survival. This phenomenon can be explained from the normal political analysis. This electromagnetic technology is the same that it can be explained from the brain function interacted with the outside environment through the electromagnetic frequencies.


The reality is that this technology was wrongly used to kill many people until now, however it is also the reason why they do not want to believe it as it is too wrong beyond our standings, or some of us are brainwashed not to believe. In any way, this perpetrator claimed that he was a victim of this electromagnetic capability and killed five innocent people with a wrong reason. He was sentenced a death penalty at the lower court in the end, though there is a serious issue at their reasoning of this conclusion.


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