5-30 [Awaji Island slayings] 1: Another electromagnetic manipulation with slayings in Awaji Island of Japan


There were multiple murders taken place that five residents were stabbed to death in Awaji Island, located in the middle of Japan, on 9 March 2015. Their neighbor was arrested on the same day, holding knives on the street early in that morning. He broke into their houses for the killing and one of the survivors called the police who found him there.


He has claimed it was a revenge since he was arrested at the spot. It was related to this whole matter that insisted he was a victim of the electromagnetic attack which was conducted by his neighbors, i.e. the victims.


I have not written about this electromagnetic manipulation yet, though I had already realized its capability as the spies ran apparent electromagnetic operations against me from March 2013, two years ahead of this incident. His overall assertion was quite in line with the electromagnetic manipulation and I have been more or less convinced he was one of the victims.


Although, it cannot be right that his neighbors were involved in the electromagnetic operation, while it is quite common that the subjects cannot achieve the right conclusion on their attackers as they are manipulated to convince otherwise. This perpetrator claimed his neighbors were in the electromagnetic operation, but it was improbable in this case. There is a possibility that some of the operatives live near to the subjects, though it is only plausible when they just move to the neighbors not while ago. In this Awaji case, the victims had lived there for decades, meaning they targeted this criminal for the same period of time, which is no way.


It is even quite rare that you are surrounded by the undercover spies for years. If that is the case, you are highly marked by the intelligence organizations, which actually costs more than you think.


The spies are officers employed by the government, directly or indirectly. The intelligence agencies are run by the national budget, which requires them to make a rational explanation for their operation. They can make up false stories to haunt you, though it is still necessary to explain the reason behind that. That is why it is almost improbable to conduct covert operations continuously for decades.


This logic implicates that his assertion was substantially wrong and he killed innocent people with a wrong reason. However, it does not mean his claim was totally wrong. It is actually common for the subjects to misunderstand the nature of the operations as they are brainwashed to believe false stories through the electromagnetic manipulation.