5-28 [Guam multiple murders] 11: Respective belief system determines the way to manipulate

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Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Eventually, this perpetrator was pushed to conduct a violent action, following the voice of the devil, ended up with several deaths and injuries.


 Guam Police Detective Officer Anthony Borja, who was the first to interview Chad Desoto after the Tumon tragedy, testified that DeSoto claimed he committed the crimes because he was promised by the devil “a day off in hell from eternal damnation” if he did.



This voice was the last call of the operatives to finalize the perpetrator following through with his conviction that it was necessary to get better off after his eternal damnation.


This kind of the mental state is always the most critical part of the crime caused by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. In a sense, the perpetrator is quite rational as he is not insane, but at the same time, he has been already brainwashed to act along with the new creed planted by the operatives.


It holds true to this murder case in Guam. The perpetrator believed the words were sent by the devil and the belief was strengthened by a certain type of the electromagnetic wave as well. Although, his choice of the devil is totally up to his original belief system.


For instance, I have never thought the voices are sent by the supernatural as it is just unconceivable to me, while I spontaneously started to think what kind of technologies were used to send them directly to my brain. My choice was the technology rather than the devil.


If this is the case, it is harder for spies to crack the belief system, as the technology does not have a supernatural power to convince a new code of ethics. It is, nevertheless, still possible that they can brainwash this kind of subjects with a rational justification to attack others.


The rational explanation is always required to conduct a felony, even though they can explode our aggressive emotions through the electromagnetic wave. And it might be the devil, if your belief system approves the voice is sent from it to conduct a criminal act like this case in Guam.