5-31 [Awaji Island slayings] 2: Muder, totally planned and totally unplanned

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We can find common characteristics for some of the murder cases triggered by the electromagnetic manipulation. It is not a paranormal capability but the advanced technology which affects the human brain directly from the outside, so that there is a technological restriction. There are definitely flaws of the operation; it can be a perfect crime for the time being, though there should be a trace back to the operatives.


The crime provoked by the electromagnetic manipulation is totally planned and totally unplanned, whose contradiction is their shared characteristics. It is necessary that the crime is meticulously calculated, if not the subject would not commit it without ease. It is also quite impulsive in nature as that is the last push how the operatives let the subject conduct it.


Generally speaking, it is probable that the crime is too planned but too abnormal, as their thought process is beyond our normal understandings. In their minds, there is a rationality and we can actually trace it when excluding the common sense. However, the abnormality is not a synonym of the impulsiveness which basically means out of the rational calculation.


The crime is quite planned with a full of the impulsive aggression, which is totally an illogical statement, though it happens when the perpetrators are manipulated through the electromagnetic wave. It is basically planned by the operatives who overlook the development of the criminality and it should be meticulous as that is the only case it is actually conducted later on. If not calculated thoroughly, their subjects are not capable to commit the actual crimes as it is originally out of their ethical code but just manipulated from the outside. Once it is well planted to the subject’s brain, the leftover is just a go order, which should be the lowest bar to go through.


It is also necessary to lower the brain function to skew the right and wrong. The ethical code is one of the main obstacles for the spies to manipulate their subjects, implying that they cannot think clearly under this state; i.e. they cannot make the attack plan as well.


The operatives also control emotions of the subjects, which is another way to overcome their ethical code. That is why their crimes were filled with the impulsive aggressions, which is how the spy operations manipulate their subjects to commit the felony including the mass murder.


That is why the crime is meticulously planned but extremely impulsive. Adding to this, it usually takes more than a few months to crack the subject’s mind, which is another trace of their electromagnetic operation. There are actually many signatures left when the evidence is analyzed from this electromagnetic perspective.


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