5-27 [Guam multiple murders] 10: Characteristcs of the crime under the electromagnetic manipulation

The sleep deprivation is a critical step toward the brainwash, which makes the subject more easily to believe what the operatives talk through the electromagnetic wave. However, the incident like to commit a felony cannot take place, just by a change of the ethical code.

 The emotion is required especially at the case for the electromagnetic manipulation. It depends on how the spies choose their subject, but the majority of us would not possess a personality to conduct a felony.

There is always a room for the second thought to halt their criminal action, not just following the new thought planted by the operative to attack others. The spies need more than just a thought manipulation that they need to explode an emotion of the subject to commit a murder.

 If the aggression is ignited inside the brain, it is hard for the rationality to halt a violent action. This strong emotion can be exploded by the electromagnetic wave, which is different from the thought manipulation that they did not send any messages to control. It is just a pattern of the electromagnetic wave, which directly affects an emotional center in the cerebellum to trigger an aggression.

 When the crime was caused by the electromagnetic operation, there was always an apparent sign of the intense aggressive emotion. It is not easy for us to conduct a crime, even if our ethical code is overridden by the spies.

 At the same time, the assault plan is well designed beforehand as the perpetrator cannot control themselves under that intensive emotion. The crime is filled with an extreme emotion and extreme planning, which is quite paradoxical to the single person, while this is natural for the crime triggered by the electromagnetic operation. The plan is meticulously calculated by the operatives to make it happen, even when the subject’s thought process is totally collapsed by the aggressive emotion.

 If the crime is just conducted by the hallucination, the perpetrator should have not stabbed many people after driving into the pedestrian. This action was well calculated to cause a bigger problem, which was why the real culprits manipulated him through the electromagnetic wave at the spot to keep his aggression running. Every piece of information was paradoxical in this Guam murder case, while it is perfectly explained by the nature of the electromagnetic operation.

3-205 [More than emotional control by the radiowave]: Necessary to manipulate more for attacking the exact target

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