5-26 [Guam multiple murders] 9: Other symptoms more confirms the electromagnetic manipulation


She said their family doctor, Dr. Vince Akimoto, prescribed Ambien to her son after determining that the defendant had difficulty sleeping due to depression.



This is a statement of the perpetrator’s mother who testified that he saw a doctor to prescribe Ambien due to the sleeping disorder. This symptom can be perfectly explained by the depression or anxiety disorder, while the sleep deprivation is also a necessary part of the brainwash, even with the electromagnetic wave.


We are not just manipulated by the voice sent directly to the brain through the electromagnetic wave, as we still have our own thought process internally. The operatives need to crack this ethical code, which is well conducted under the sleep deprivation as it lowers our rationality.


It is not an easy task to create our memory or change our way of thinking, as it is coded deeply in the brain. When the new thought comes to our brain, we would assess it with the existing memory and rationality. This rationality can be lowered when the sleep is deprived, which provides a chance for the spy to implant new way of thoughts into the subject’s brain. It is actually well known that the brainwash can work well under the sleep deprivation.


There is another related issue that his memory was falsified as well, in the same local newspaper report.


She said they continued their communication via telephone and Skype but she started suspecting that there was something wrong with her boyfriend when he started telling her about flashbacks and memories that she thought were strange.


For example, Acasio told the jury that DeSoto accused her of cheating on him, telling her that she went with somebody during the prom. She said that she had to show him the pictures taken during the prom of them together to remind him.


These are statements of his girlfriend that the perpetrator had wrong flashbacks and memories which actually did not take place. I assume this is a result of the twilight learning that the operative can create a new memory talking to the subject during the REM shallow sleep. This is not necessarily done through the electromagnetic wave as it worked through just talking to the subject’s ears, though it became more covert when sending voices through the electromagnetic wave.


Moreover, this was exactly the same as what I had experienced in February 2013 when he caused murders. I have convinced for a long time that his case and mine were not separated issues but done by the same group of the spies, led by the CIA.


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