5-21 [Guam multiple murders] 4: This incident triggered me to contemplate the technology to send voices remotely

close up view of plasma

It was an existence of the voice that made me consider a connection between his case and mine.


In those days, I had no idea of the electromagnetic wave technology and did not believe there was a way to send a voice directly to the brain. Having said that, I had a weird dream in the morning, continuing for several days. I had a feeling on a girl during the dream and tried to wake myself up with a fear that I felt like it was a voice sent from the outside which controlled my dream. Or more like, I was listening to something just in the morning which pushed me to create a new set of codes to have a feeling on a young girl.


I saw a suicide car around me in one of those days and heard the news that the reckless car burst into the pedestrian in Guam. In the latter case, the perpetrator claimed that he heard voices to order him to do it.


If this was real, this case and mine were interrelated and I started to think about the possibility that there is a technology which can send a voice in a remote distance. At that time, I did not hear the voice during awake and thought they would have disguised a real source of the voice by just sending it to me at my half sleep state.


It was April 2013 that they started to deploy this technology overtly against me, when I suddenly heard the voice while I was staying at my hotel room. I thought it was sent from the outside as a sound, partly because I know who they were. I even had a conversation with them at that time. I assumed it was a new technology to send a sound with a long distance directionally and they could have heard my voice through the bug hidden in my room.


However, it was not. It took several days to figure out that it was sent directly to the brain electromagnetically, after my body was started to be controlled, which was impossible just by the technology to send a sound with a long distance.


Then, I soon recalled some of my friends talking of this technology beforehand that they were controlled from the outside or the brain was controlled with an electrical signal. I actually saw one of the events which was orchestrated by this electromagnetic technology, and moreover, I had an experience that my body was totally out of my command at one night. I just dismissed or ignored them for a long time that they were irregular and did not think about the physiology behind the events.


This electromagnetic manipulation has been overtly conducted against since this April of 2013 and I have often lost my control at lots of occasions, emotionally and physically. It was an act of the intelligence community as I was chased by them until then, which implied that this Guam case was also manipulated by the same group of the spies, i.e. the CIA.


3-140 [Direct voice to the brain]: I realized there is a technology to deliver the voice directly to the brain, but not sure what it was at that time