5-71 [Brainwash]: Electromagnetic truth has to be disclosed to the public

close up of a sign against white background
Photo by Tayeb MEZAHDIA on Pexels.com

All we need is full disclosure of the electromagnetic capability and all known problems caused by this technology should be acknowledged publicly.


It is good for us to live the society again without this electromagnetic capacity to read our brain from the outside, or to control our thoughts and bodies through the wave. Although, it is impossible, as this capability is too intriguing to dismiss. If we prohibit the whole usage, the rule is just ignored and there is no difference to the current situation without any constraints over the electromagnetic control.


Having said that, we can restrict the general usage of this electromagnetic technology. When we make it illegal for the general use, we can arrest the rogue officers who use it against the ordinary people or the ill-minded who holds the unauthorized devices. It should be a critical step to live a better life for us.


At this moment, there is no restriction that we live in a quite unsecured environment. We just trust the intelligence community not to deploy those technologies, which is quite nonsense as they believe they are lions to do whatever they want against the ordinary people who are disdained as sheep.


The good faith has never worked and won’t work in the future. All we need is a legal restriction and the punishment when the rule is broken. It should start by making the electromagnetic capability public and admit there are many lives lost and many suffered from those operations.


Then, we should discuss how we restrict this electromagnetic capacity at the same time with punishments over the past deeds as there are so many lives lost and suffered. It is at least beyond my understanding that everyone here walks freely even to cause so many deaths.


We should solve this problem to secure our future, as our current livings are invisibly eroded by the electromagnetic control.


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