5-57 [Inner voice]: Hard to differentiate our own inner voice from the one sent electromagnetically

John HainによるPixabayからの画像

There is another type of voices sent through the electromagnetic wave, which is quite similar to the inner voice. It is so different from the apparent voices resembled the ones heard through ears that there is no distinct from the inner voices.


Although, there is a way to discern that the external electromagnetic voice might have an accent distant from your own. I can tell it in another way that the idea sent through the electromagnetic wave is totally distinctive to my original way of thinking, but it should be technically hard, generally speaking, as I can tell it because I have been connected to the outside brain continuously for almost five years.


It is not easy to brainwash the subject just with this type of voices as we can easily ignore them as one of our inner voices. Having said that, we can be easily manipulated by this voice when the issue is not so critical.


For example, we basically have no strong opinion what we eat at the lunch, hence we can follow through the voice sent through the electromagnetic wave, easily, as there is no difference from our inner voices and there is no strong objection what we eat, determined in our minds. However, the spies can deploy their operatives at the place for further manipulation, which might lead to the severer brainwash.


It might be a webpage that you are directed to visit the site which is created for the brainwash. Although as said, you can ignore the content even if the inner voice supports it, when it is totally away from your original thought. Therefore, it should take more time to brainwash the subject just by the voice similar to the inner.


We should be reminded that our emotions are also controlled by the electromagnetic wave. Our instinct affirms the idea presented in front of us, while the instinct is a feeling also created by the electromagnetic wave. Slowly but surely, we can be brainwashed by this type of voices sent through the electromagnetic wave.


In my current understanding, the inner voice should have different frequency characteristics to the apparent voice. I need to research more but it should be one of the thought process, not the voice itself, meaning the operative’s thought is sent directly to the subject’s brain through the electromagnetic wave. That should be why it is hard to differentiate.


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