5-56 [Apparent voice]: Electromagnetic wave can deliver the voice directly to the brain

Photo by Ralph Darabos on Unsplash

There are two types of voices sent through the electromagnetic wave, one of which is an apparent voice, quite similar to the voice heard through the ears. In a sense, it is quite hard to differentiate though there is one apparent characteristic that there is no one in front.


I can tell who they are when some of my acquaintances have spoken through the electromagnetic system. There are a couple of hypotheses on this matter, one of which is that the voices are transformed from the sound frequency to the electromagnetic frequency, which is directly heard by the brain.


I am leaning to this conclusion, as FFR (Frequency Following Response) has similar electromagnetic frequency patterns to the original sound frequency characteristics. This transformation is simple and straightforward as far as there is a device to manipulate the ELF signals.


On the other hand, I originally assumed that the hearing frequency patterns were sent to my brain directly through the electromagnetic wave. For example, someone is talking to the operative who hear a voice directly through the ears, whose hearing is transferred through the electromagnetic wave. In other words, FFR is sent through the wave.


The FFR frequency band is basically the same as the original sound characteristics, meaning the frequency should be around 400 – 5000 including harmonics. It implies that this frequency can be taken out with High Pass Filter without noise, hence the voice can be just sent without interference from other brain activities.


In either way, it is quite similar to the normal voice except there is no one in front.


The apparent voice is sometimes quite critical as it is directly used as a manipulation. In my case, I was pretty much sure that the voice was heard as one of the intelligence technologies, as I had been hunted by the spies apparently for more than a year until then. There is no place to believe that it was the voice of God.


On the other hand, there are some of us who easily believe the voice is sent from the supernatural existence. If you believe it is the voice sent by the God, you are likely to follow his order. If you believe it is the voice sent by the devil, you might become desperate and follow his order in the end, which sometimes caused mass murders. Even some of us realized that it was sent by the spies, though eventually, committing a felony with other brainwash.


The spies can send direct messages through the apparent voices which are powerful tools to brainwash their subjects.


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