5-55 [Seizure]: Electromagnetic wave is one of the choices for assassination


It is quite critical that the intelligence electromagnetic operation can cause a stroke, sometimes ended up with the death. As far as there is a unique frequency pattern or the specific frequency patter aggravates a symptom already existed in our body system, any human diseases can be created by the electromagnetic irradiation.


It also means that the heart attack is caused by the intelligence operation. Although, the individuality dominates an end result. The same irradiation might kill some subjects with seizure, while the others just feel the pain or irregular pulse. For the brain case, it might create a permanent problem like a tumor. I am pretty much sure that all of us are affected by the electromagnetic irradiation in some ways, while the individuality determines a degree of the sufferings.


One of the crucial issues here is that there is no direct trace when the spies use this electromagnetic technology to kill their subjects. There is no 100% assurance that the irradiation works for the specific target due to the individuality, though it can be employed for the assassination. As a reality, the electromagnetic wave has been employed for that purpose in this world to cause a heart attack or stroke.


There is another operation purposed just to create the seizure mostly as an anti-society operation. I originally assumed they should have used a frequency around delta or theta, as it has caused an unconsciousness eventually.


Through my further research, I came to realize that my original idea should be wrong. Several doctors described at their medical papers that the epilepsy seizure occurs after irradiating the brainwave around 60-100Hz.


Then, I was reminded that there was no drowsiness when the intelligence operatives tried to cause me the seizure, while I have actually felt more like awakening sense with pinching my consciousness, which should be in line with the frequency band between 60 and 100Hz.


I have not passed out instantly for any cases, though they tried hard to pass me out during my driving for some occasions. As you can imagine, I should have created a fatal accident if they had succeeded. In other ways of saying, they have an ability to create car accidents through this control and definitely caused many cases in the past.


It can be also employed as a tool of the assassination, and at the same time, they can cause a seizure randomly to cause a car crash. In the past, some of us were affected by the electromagnetic wave to cause those problems, which is one of the ways to create social tensions.


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