5-54 [Muscle cramp]: Muscle cramp can be indirectly created by the electromagnetic wave

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The electromagnetic wave irradiation is also capable of creating muscle pain. Actually, the spies can cause any pains around the body, inside and outside, but the muscle is relatively large in our body system, whose cramp hampers our normal life.


I am not sure how those pains are caused, though it is certain that they are triggered by the electromagnetic wave irradiated from the outside. There is a possibility that the CIA or other intelligence organizations hold an electromagnetic mapping of the body.


Some of our body parts irradiate specific frequency patterns for their activities, distinctive each other which is decoded by the spies. Then, those frequencies are irradiated from the outside, which can control our body behavior. Although, there are other activities defined by the electric pulse, not by the frequency. If that is the case, it has to be quite difficult for the operatives to control those from the outside.


Adding to this, it is hard to control minute parts of our body. For example, they can make a pain on my finger through the electromagnetic wave, while I still doubt they have decoded an electromagnetic phenomenon how the pain is caused at this specific place. Furthermore, the minute adjustment should not be simple even when those are manipulated through the computer, as it basically implies that the spies can choose the specific pain out of numerous choices.


There is another hypothesis that the pain is just felt indirectly in my brain. If the pain is created at the operative’s body, which is felt in the brain transferred to the subject, accordingly. For example, if the spies prick a finger of the operative whose brain is connected to the subject through the electromagnetic wave, that pain can be transferred to the subject at exactly the same place. This process is much easier and they can create any pains in the body if this works.


The pain is also strengthened by the electromagnetic irradiation. The small ache can be amplified to feel a crucial problem. I actually have no idea how this works, though there might be a chemical substance to adjust a degree of each pain inside our brain, which is also secreted according to the specific electromagnetic wave.


Or, the electromagnetic signal is detected and separated out when feeling the pain, which is feedbacked to the subject’s brain, which is also capable of elevating the pain. In anyways, I am not confirmed how those pains are created, while it is pretty much sure that the pain can be created by the electromagnetic wave any place around the body.


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