5-50 [Moter cotext fatigue]: Fatigue can be triggered by the electromagnetic wave affecting on the motor cortex

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There are several familiar pathological symptoms created by the electromagnetic operation. A headache is one of the most obvious, while the emotions are often manipulated irregularly, like a mood disorder. The aggression, depression, anxiety or other type of stress can be caused by the electromagnetic wave irradiation. Our thought is not directly manipulated by those specific operations, but it can be used as a supplement for the brainwash as well as they are critical ways of the invisible torture.


The other critical harm is fatigue that the spies has created this emotion when they would like to contain the subject’s behavior. For example, if you would like to file the complaint, they can create those emotions to contain the subject’s motivation.


This becomes more creative that they can stop me writing about the issues which they would like to keep secret. They temporally halted my conduct and tried to brainwash me with spending some time later, though their operation has not worked as they want. As you can imagine, I wrote this considerably away from their manipulation, even though not complete.


I have figured out with several considerations and trials that the fatigue can be conquered by cooling down the vertex, directly above the motor cortex. I felt fatigue all over the body, though fully realized that it was caused by the outside electromagnetic influence. It gave me one of the assumption that the fatigue should be linked to the motor cortex, as it is the fatigue just caused in the brain, but felt all over the body.


This fatigue deprives my energy to work actively, though I eventually found out that it is separated out when cooling down the vertex where the motor cortex is located. It is weird feeling as I still feel some of the fatigue around the body, but it does not affect my brain activity.


The fatigue should be a chemical change inside our brain, though it is less likely related to the nervous network. The chemical can be created in our body system, which should be sent to the brain through blood flow.


It basically means we can feel fatigue when this particular chemical substance is created just in the brain, which the electromagnetic irradiation is capable of. It is contained by cooling down the vertex, meaning the chemical should be sent to that area, originally.


My symptom is basically the same as the chronic fatigue syndrome, implying that it can be the same cause except for the electromagnetic part. That is, our brain can feel fatigue with losing our energies when the particular chemical substance is just created inside the brain, which is commonly produced when our body becomes tired as well.