5-58 [Remote viewing]: We cannot see anything clearly, though remote viewing can be explained by the electromagnetic wave

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In the course of research, I spent some times to analyzing on STARGATE project to develop the remote viewing capability, conducted by SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and US Defense outlets. Their program did not make a success but I have understood what the remote viewing means as a scientific phenomenon along with the brain sense reacting to the electromagnetic stimuli.


First of all, we cannot see clear images sent through the electromagnetic operation.


We can visualize the scenery in front of us with the light, and if there is no light, we cannot see anything. It is received by our eyes which is directly connected to the optic area in the brain, implying that there is no unique pattern of the frequencies and the electric pulse plays a critical role in this function. It also means that it is impossible to send a clear image through the electromagnetic wave.


Having said that, the pulse is not the only reason why we see stuffs around us, but our memory also helps the scenery. As known, we receive information from our eyes, which is not perfect and there are many defects which are made up by the memories.


This function is also critical to visualize the image sent through the electromagnetic wave. The operatives can send an obscure image through the wave, which is the image thought just in the optic area without any helps from the light, therefore, the structure is so simple that it just has a basic shape.


I assume this is what the remote viewing is about, researched at STARGATE program for more than 20 years. We can actually figure out what the image exactly looks like with some verbal help, even the original image is quite obscure.


There might be some of us who can visualize it more clearly as there is always an exception. For example, the drug creates a visual hallucination and we might receive a clear image sent by the wave in this circumstance. However, it is quite hard to tell it is a hallucination or the correct image, while it also means that there might be someone who can visualize more clearly just inside our brain.


The only I can say is that I am just able to figure out the blurry figure after continuous electromagnetic operations conducted by various intelligence organizations. I believe there are few people more extensively targeted than I have been, hence it should be quite normal not to visualize the image just by the electromagnetic wave.


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