5-52 [Deep Eye ache]: Cooling works to alleviate an ache caused by the electromagnetic wave

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Eye ache has been another critical problem for me. The ache is so heavy that I could not do anything at all, which is still a big headache to me and the spies nowadays like to conduct this electromagnetic operation, as it works and potentially harms my brain tremendously.


It is actually a pain in the eyes, though extended to the brain area down below. I am not sure it starts from the brain or the eye, but anyway, there is something wrong around that area.


There is no apparent problem on the brain function, nor my eyes still working properly, however, the pain is too acute to concentrate, which has often ruined my day. It used to be taking place for two days, twice or three times a month, and I often spent most of the time in bed to endure.


Nowadays, it occurs quite often, almost every day, while I have found out how to counter this symptom. The most of my countermeasures against the headache is always straightforward to cool down the area where there is a pain or fever. Then, there is a critical obstacle on cooling my aching eyes as my life is hampered in any way if cooling down those directly.


Then, I checked a bloodstream toward the eyes, which is actually flowed from the temple area. My original assumption was that the ache should be created by the blood overflow caused by the electromagnetic irradiation. It can be hampered when cooling down the temple before the blood gets into the painful area around the eyes.


It works substantially that I could resume my work, though I could not stop aches completely. I can alleviate some of the pains, while it might be necessary to understand the mechanism for countering the operation.


I actually often change the area to cool down. It is still located in the temple, but the best place is not found yet and I need to adjust it to work the most for a reduction of the pain. There is a large possibility that the eye ache is just an appearance of the essential problem behind and it is necessary to elucidate those to conclude the countermeasure.


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