5-51 [Occipital lobe numbed]: Electromagnetic wave can cause the seizure with a certain frequency band

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Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

There is an acute pain felt around the occipital lobe, which eventually lays me down to become unconscious soon later. At first, I did not realize it has an influence on the specific area of my brain. It is an intensive ache and I have felt like my brain is pinched or squeezed by the electromagnetic irradiation.


I originally assumed it was caused by the delta or theta wave irradiated from the outside, as I could not keep my consciousness. However, I have reached the conclusion that my original assumption was wrong and it should be caused by the wavelength around 60-100Hz, relatively higher beta wave.


Through my research, I have learnt that the epilepsy brain irradiates 60-100Hz brainwave before the seizure. This fact has made me realize that I have felt rather awakening sense at the time of this electromagnetic irradiation than drowsiness to pass out.


I am pretty much sure how the delta or theta keeps me asleep at the state of REM, which is one of the ways to brainwash the subject. However, there is no acute pain and no awakening sense during this electromagnetic operation. It means that the spies use a completely different wavelength for the operation to deprive my consciousness immediately.


I have experienced this operation, even during my driving, though I could manage to keep my consciousness, pulling my car over to the side before passing out. They would like me to create the crash for shutting my mouth.


It has not worked as I have no brain issue to cause a seizure, though there should be many people to pass out immediately by this irradiation. The spies have conducted the same operation against those people as well, who eventually causes car crashes. The individuality prevails on this electromagnetic irradiation, though there are many people potentially affected.


In my case, I eventually lose my consciousness, but can keep it until creating a crucial damage, while I found out the way to counter this particular electromagnetic operation; we can keep away from those acute pains and unconsciousness with cooling an area above the occipital lobe. The mechanism is still unclear and I am not sure why it works, but the result basically implies that the seizure might be related to the brain mechanism around the occipital lobe.


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