5-25 [Guam multiple murders] 8: More voices than devil’s, indicating it was not supernatural


The local newspaper reported more about this murder case than the supreme court of Guam wrote in their case file as it was quite impractical to list all of the testimonies. I found another statement testified by his girlfriend concerning the voice.


When she asked DeSoto to send some stuff to her, Acasio said she was taken aback by the defendant’s statement that there was a voice in the box saying that he needed to bury the box 7 feet underground so nobody could dig it up.

“There were a lot of bizarre and strange things. He told me there was electricity running through his blood. He believed he could do magic. He became obsessed with a pyramid shape, saying they were being controlled, that everyone around him was working against him. He constantly thought he was under surveillance, constantly being watched. He went from being paranoid to not being able to trust people,” Acasio said.

She said DeSoto told her that he believed God wanted him to go to hell and that he is eternally damned.



She was told by him that he had heard the voice for a long time, probably several weeks until the incident, as she articulated he was weird in this January and February in 2013. This voice in the box was not sent from the devil, which is actually a critical remark as he did not assume they were not necessarily sent from God, devil, or any kind mystical existences.


In general understanding, the electromagnetic operation is conducted by the team membered by lots of the operatives. It is basically impossible to conduct the whole plot alone and there are several spies, simultaneously connected to a brain of the subject on each occasion. This fact indicated that he heard voices from several operatives, some of those are assumed to be the devils, another is recognized a voice in the box at this time. He definitely heard recognizable voices, so that he had his own identification, who was God, the devil and others.


He also mentioned the electricity running through his blood. I assume it was a sensation that he felt uneasiness around the body, as I have experienced it for a long time, even now. It is not deniable that his symptom was a result of the mental illness, though it is not a result of the slight mental disorder if that was the case.


He was deeply in trouble due to either a mental illness or an electromagnetic operation with several symptoms. Considering the fact that he was still rational in his thought process, it is natural to assume that he had been brainwashed and manipulated through the electromagnetic wave by the intelligence operatives.


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