5-24 [Guam multiple murders] 7: Contradiction to prove it is not caused by the mental illness


This perpetrator heard a voice, which can be explained in two ways, the electromagnetically sent to the brain or a hallucination caused by the mental illness. In this trial, his total insanity was actually denied as he was rational in his thought.


She testified that De Soto satisfied two of the prongs of Guam’s insanity defense, namely that he didn’t understand the wrongfulness of his actions and he didn’t have a rational understanding of the situation in which he was involved and the consequences of his actions, but that he had some control over his actions.



This was a testimony of the psychotherapist saying that he was rational at the time of the murder, which was why his liability was not denied for the action.


As a given fact, he had heard voices for several weeks until the incident. If it had been caused by the mental illness, he could not have been rational in his thought process. If you hear the voice inside your brain, it obstructs your way of thinking all the time, which means there is no way to think straight.


She generated a clinical record of De Soto for the period between February 14, 2013, and March 13, 2013, and diagnosed him with major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and a personality disorder due to challenged coping. In her observations, however, his thought processes were logical and organized,and he did not display evidence of hallucinations or delusions.


This was also a testimony of the same psychotherapist that he suffered from the mental disorder but his mental state was not being deteriorated to hear voices, or a lack of evidence of hallucinations.


There is another possibility he lied that he heard voices. However, if that was the case, every explanation was collapsed. He was told by the devil to conduct a violent act and this voice was the main driver of the whole murders, irrelevant to its nature on whether delivered through the electromagnetic wave or the hallucination. The same problem was actually seen in the Japanese trial case to avoid an existence of the voice as it was proof that the brain was more aggravated than the mental disorder.


If the voice was sent electromagnetically, it actually made sense that he was logical and organized as he did not suffer from the mental illness while he really heard it. It is a common characteristic that the perpetrator is brainwashed by the operative through the electromagnetic wave, which held true to this murder case in Guam.


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