5-22 [Guam multiple murders] 5: Electromagnetic manipulation is a lot similar to the hallucination, though discrepant


In the Guam murder case, the perpetrator considered that the voices were sent from the devil, directly to the brain. There are many traditional explanations when we have heard the external voice inside our heads, which is categorized as three patterns in general, driven by the drug, by the hallucination, or by the mystical including God, devil and supernatural.


His use of the drug was denied at the court, hence the leftover is the hallucination or the devil while they did not consider a possibility that the voice was sent directly to the brain with the electromagnetic wave. We have ignored an electromagnetic capability for a long time, though it also has a capability to deliver the voice directly into the subject’s brain.


I could not exclude a possibility of the devil, but it is hard for me to believe. We can actually explain the electromagnetic phenomena for the remote influence against the subject, while the devil is rationalized in a traditional set of concepts, i.e. the religion.


It is quite natural for us to explain the unknown phenomenon in a familiar way so that it might be felt more reasonable for lots of people to assume the voices were sent from the devil, rather than sent through the electromagnetic wave. It is a matter of the religion that most of our religions in this world have a concept of the devil which eats our souls to conduct an evil.


That is why we assume it is more probable to believe the devil sending a message directly to the brain than the voice delivered by the electromagnetic wave. In the law court, both of explanations have not admitted yet, though this difference is actually critical, as we do not easily follow their command if we consider the voice is sent from the outside by the operative.


The problem is that the electromagnetic technology has been classified for a long time, secretly deployed to manipulate the subject by the intelligence community. Now, it is becoming more known to the public and we should understand the depth of its capability sooner rather than the later.


It is just a matter of knowing or not knowing, and the reality is that the voices were heard due to either a hallucination or an electromagnetic, for this Guam case. The next point is how we can figure out this perpetrator was electromagnetically exploited to conduct these multiple murders.


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