5-18 [Guam multiple murders] 1: The perpetrator heard the devil’s voice manipulating him to commit

silhouette of boy running in body of water during sunset

“Everything just happened really fast. I saw people airborne, then one landed beside the bushes while one flew by the other side of the bush. One man was lying on his stomach. They all appeared unconscious. A female Japanese really looked bad she was bleeding and her leg was twisted. She really, really looked bad,” Francisco said.



This is a statement mentioned during the Guam murder trial that one person was killed and six were injured due to the car intentionally running into the sidewalk. It was a night of 12 Feb 2013 that there were many pedestrians still out in Tumon, the center of tropical Guam.


Eventually, the car was crashed into the convenience store and ceased to move, though it was not the end of the story. The perpetrator got out of the car after the crash, stabbing to kill two more and to injure additional several victims. All of the incidents were planned to harm many people at the populated city center. His behavior was apparently abnormal and he claimed to hear the voice which told him to commit the murder.


 Guam Police Detective Officer Anthony Borja, who was the first to interview Chad Desoto after the Tumon tragedy, testified that DeSoto claimed he committed the crimes because he was promised by the devil “a day off in hell from eternal damnation” if he did.

“He told me that he read somewhere that if a person were to commit a violent act such as the one he just completed, that person will be given a day off from hell’s eternal damnation,” Borja stated.



According to this police officer’s testimony, the perpetrator told it was a voice of the devil, which ordered him to do it as an exchange of one-day off at the hell. He believed he was abandoned by the God and would be damned eternally, though he could gain one-day off if conducting a violent act.


He followed this voice and committed multiple murders, implying the nature of this voice was quite critical during the action. There are several explanations when we hear the voice inside our brain, but it was almost certainly a voice sent from the outside by way of the electromagnetic wave in this case, meaning he was controlled and manipulated externally.


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