5-16 [DC Navy yard shooting] 16: No escape from the electromagnetic manipulation but cooling your head

photo of head bust print artwork

In the DC Navy yard shooting case, the perpetrator was almost certainly manipulated through the electromagnetic wave, which was quite mournful, but it was more mournful that 12 innocent people lost their lives.


Are there any ways to get away from the brainwash like this? This is an anti-society operation to create a social unrest, meaning the ordinary people can be targeted by the spies for the brainwash. Eventually, one of us might become a perpetrator killing many people.


My conclusion at this time moment is that it is quite hard to resist the electromagnetic wave manipulation. If the brainwash is just a one-day event, you can handle it without influence. However, it took more than several months in almost all the cases and eventually made up the perpetrators’ minds up to kill the people.

3-204 [How to brainwash by the radiowave]: You are manipulated to believe the assault is right thing to do


It is quite hard to get away from the operation, especially when you have not realized the electromagnetic capability. It is necessary for any governments to announce that they have an electromagnetic wave technology to brainwash the subject to conduct a felony, which should be the best way.


The announcement should be the first step to restrict this technology for the general purpose. If not, it is hard for any one of us to survive once we are seriously targeted by the spies who sometimes select the subject opportunistically, especially for the anti-social operation.


Having said that, I am still very alive and did not commit any crimes. There are some tips, one of which is that we should cool down our heads at any moment. This works tremendously well. I elaborated in my other blogs, but we just physically cool down our heads with coolant and keep ourselves calm down. In this way, we can contain an aggression which motivates any manipulated perpetrators to attack others in a savage way.

3-217 [Cool down a head]: Your brain works functionally with cooling down even under the electromagnetic wave irradiation


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