5-14 [DC Navy yard shooting]14: Similar electromagnetic case in Guam

scenic view of beach

There were some criminal cases more concrete that the electromagnetic wave was deployed to control the perpetrators. One of them was a murder case in Guam.


One man drove his car into a pack of the tourist and then stabbed them out of the car in Guam on 12 Feb 2013. Three Japanese were killed and 11 others were injured during the action. This perpetrator was highly likely brainwashed through the electromagnetic wave.


I did not have any ideas what was behind this case, but I was wondered why this case happened even at that time moment. I was physically running around to get away from the spy operation in those days and stayed in Okinawa on that day. The electromagnetic wave operation was definitely deployed to brainwash me, but I did not think of this kind of technology.

3-116 [Foreign agents]: Foreign Spy got in charge of the operation replacing PI


Having said that, I had a weird dream in those days. I dreamt the same thing to have a feeling for the teenage girl. I did not have that kind of intention and woke myself up compulsory with a nasty feeling. Then, I started to suspect there was a device to send voices in a long distance to affect my brain.

3-126 [Weird feeling]: I forcibly woke myself up to experience a kinky sexual dream


This perpetrator in Guam said that he was controlled by voices of the devil, which continued for a few months before the attack. I noticed this part even at that time and started to consider seriously of the capability to send voices in a long distance, as this case looked similar to mine.


That was a start of the research on the technology to brainwash the subject externally and the intelligence organization should have that kind of capabilities as there were plenty of operatives around me at that time.


I am going to talk about the detail of this Guam case later, but these are not isolated cases that the electromagnetic wave was deployed to manipulate the perpetrator to commit a felony.


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