5-68 [Brainwash]: Perpetrators are chosen intentionally by spies, even if it looks like random


You might be on the list of intelligence organizations as a potential enemy. You might believe you are not watched by the spies though it should happen. They can make whatever reasons if they want to, and believe me, as I have been on their list, probably since I was born. It basically means there is no relation to my personal behavior and conduct.


I am aware that there are lots of people who have paranoia to be watched by spies or police, which is untrue for most of the cases. Having said that, there are definitely lists for their targets and you might become subject of their eliminative operation, which is categorized as the anti-personnel.


This is a quite problem as it is lethal, while there is another substantial peril for us. The spies have another type of the clandestine operation, the anti-social, which is purposed to affect their target organization or country directly, not through their acquired assets. In this process, they have employed the electromagnetic capability to manipulate their subjects.


If they would like to cause social unrest through mass murders, such as spree killers or bombers, they might choose their perpetrators from the different list, such as the criminal whose ethical code is originally lower to conduct felonies. The spies can capitalize this nature to skip some of the brainwashes, which shortens their timeframe till the final act.


The spies might choose their target through the people who are mentally suffering. The voice is a critical part for the manipulation and there is a possibility that some of them might accept it more than others.


At the same time, the spies can make a sound explanation as well for the cause. The social unrest is created eventually but they can claim that the felony caused by the mental illness, which covers up the electromagnetic operation really taken place in the hindsight.


There should be some reasons why the perpetrator has been selected by the spies for each case, though it looks quite random through the observation retrospectively. We might notice whether they have been manipulated by the spies or not, though it is still hard to why it has to be them. They just got trapped by the spies with a mere accident for many cases, indicating that anybody can be targeted by the spies.


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