5-70 [Brainwash]: Reckless driving originated by the electromagnetic wave control

red and yellow hatchback axa crash tests
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are some criminal cases related to the reckless driving caused by the electromagnetic wave operation in Japan.


When the operatives irradiate the extremely low frequency around 60-100Hz, some of us should suffer from a seizure to lose our consciousness immediately. This operation can be conducted randomly at the busy crossroads, some of us should pass out according to the probability as some of us probably have a tendency to cause a seizure.


The outcome is quite severe that the passed-out driver loses control of the car, which crashes into pedestrians or other vehicles around. This conduct is charged as the reckless driving and the offender might spend some time in jail, if some victims are killed due to the accident.


These electromagnetic operations have been taken place actually, which I am pretty much sure as I have experienced them. It felt like pinched in the brain, noticing my conscious was at stake, though it was different from the drowsiness. I did not pass out immediately and pulled over my car at the side and lost my consciousness slowly. I was already a subject of the severe electromagnetic operation at that time and fully realized that it was an operation to create a car crash.


I have still been survived as I have not had a tendency to suffer from seizure to pass out immediately. It also means that, if you have brain damage or chronical diseases such as epilepsy, you are likely to cause a car crash after the seizure, exposed to this electromagnetic operation. They have used this capability randomly at the busy crossroads, as some of us are eventually to pass out to create serious problems, including killing passers-by.


Those accidents were treated as the reckless driving and the drivers were sentenced to serve a several-year prison term. Although, if we admit there is an issue of the electromagnetic capability to influence our brains and if we find probable evidence that this capability is used to cause a car crash, the punishment should be directed to other people, the operatives behind the operation.


It is quite hard to find concrete evidence for those cases, as it is randomly deployed to cause social unrest, though it must not be the right thing to punish the wrong people as they are just attacked by the spies. There is one critical point that the ELF, extremely low frequency, can be spotted if we know the operation is conducted at the specific place as it is detectable.